About Us

Tibi has been created to change the landscape of live music, events and venues. At the core of Tibi is a spirit of inclusivity and a will to open up gigs and events of all sizes to everyone. Together we will improve the recognition and removal of barriers faced by people with disabilities.

Tibi is an access consultancy specifically for live music and events. We have worked on events from BIGSOUND festival to Midsumma Festival and everything in between! Not only do we provide a consultancy service but also run workshops for industry professionals and students!


About Dina

Dina Bassile

I'm Dina, the founder of Tibi. I, myself am in a wheelchair and absolutely love live music! The more festivals and events I attended, the more I realised something needed to change. Being put to the side or the back of an event, where I couldn't see simply wasn't good enough.  Luckily for me, I am fortunate enough to be able to speak up and demand an experience worth what I paid for. Others may not have that ability and that is exactly why I've started this business! 

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